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About Us

Welcome To Liege Tank Storage International

LIEGE TANK STORAGE also specializing in the environmentally safe and legal removal of in-ground and above ground Residential and Commercial Oil Tanks..

We provide solutions to commercial and industrial clients in the chemical and petrochemical industry. From gas and diesel to chemicals, ink and paint, Oil provides equipment and installation services for fluid storage and handling systems.

Liege Tank Storage is a very Great oil storage company, our main purpose is storage of Petroleum Products, transportation and other petrochemical services within Belgium to the whole Europe

With a storage capacity of over 38,000 metric tonnes, we store, handle

Oily wastes collection from ships at the Ports in Liege

Oil products transportation by road and through ship products from and to manufacturers worldwide.


Our mission is to Give you Good Services

We are guided by a group of core values that demonstrate our commitment to our industry partners, our community and our employees. With a winning attitude,  we work with honesty and integrity and always follow through on our promises..

Our state of the art facilities are located in 8 cities across 5 provinces. Each location features clean, safe and environmentally friendly equipment that ensures we’re recycling in the safest way possible.

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We are industry leaders, we pride ourselves on linking with partners, potential employees and members of the oil community, our facilities, our sustainability efforts and our commitment to making our industry the best it can be. 

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Liege Tank Storage Tanks can be used to offer endless types of Project, such as: swift fuel and flood rescue , scuba diving and surface supplied air diving, university or collegiate testing, aerospace training, and more.

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